The Need for a Fresh Start 

When we look at the purpose of the church at Berean we feel that it has three very simple functions. Connecting with God, others outside the church and connecting with each other. 

So how does a building project fit into connecting? The building is a tool to help us accomplish what God wants for His church. Like any tool it has to be sharpened and to stay sharp we must stay in step with the times.

This does not mean that the message changes, just the method. And methods have changed. We no longer read about Jesus out of scrolls or manuscripts. We now have technological advancements that make it easier to connect with God’s word and each other.

The result is that we must use this new technology for His purpose. Staying current is not just out of want, but out of need to communicate with fellow Christians and the world. The question becomes, how sharp is the tool? It is time a Fresh Start.

To contribute towards Fresh Start or give a tithe or offering you can use the button above. Your gift will help us minister by connecting with God, our community and each other.

When donating please designate if you are giving towards Fresh Start, Offering, Margaret Russell Scholarship or Youth.

You can also give each Sunday at the service or by stopping by the church office.  

Current Fresh Start Giving

Through July 1, 2018 - $57,166.00

Projects Completed - Exterior Sign Replaced, Additional Storage, Wireless Internet Access, Education Wing Improvements, Surveillance System, New Exterior Signs and Lighting Placed, Stage Lighting Purchased. 

Projects Unfinished - Auditorium Update (Fresh Paint), Kitchen Update, New Entrance Doors, and Heating and Air Conditioning