We are taking a break from the Unbroken Community Sermon Series to present messages about the Easter season. Paul Hines asks the question of what road are you on? He goes into detail regarding the outcome of following the broad way and not the narrow way. Click the button below for all our sermons online. On YouTube make sure and subscribe!!!!! We are trying to make it easier to up load our sermons.    

Virus Update

At this time all of our services are canceled. Please check back often to see when we will resume our normal schedule. 

You can also stay informed on facebook and you can be emailed any updates by sending us your name and current email address (click the button below).

We will be having weekly sermons and communion meditations online. We can email you the link or you can click the "More Sermons Here" button above.  

Service Times

Sunday Connect

9:00 am - Nursery Provided

Sunday Worship

10:00 am - Nursery Provided                      

Wednesday Bible Study

6:00 PM at Berean

office hours

9:30 am to Noon - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

We are located at the corners of 16th Street and Illinois Avenue  in Murphysboro or 1530 Illinois Ave. 

Berean Christian Church -Who We Are

We  are an UNBROKEN COMMUNITY - In the Murphysboro area brokenness has become a way of life for many.  At Berean we have decided to do something about that.

It begins with our vision and mission of being a place for the broken and discouraged to find a home, where through Jesus there will be healing for yesterday, help for today and hope for tomorrow. Together we can build an UNBROKEN COMMUNITY! 

Our core values to help make our vision a reality is that we value Biblical authority, dependency on God, unconditional love for all people and passionate service.    

You can find out more about us on Sunday mornings starting at 9:00 AM. That is the time for Bible study and Kingdom Kids for the youth (nursery provided). At 10:00 AM our worship service starts. Praise, prayer, communion and a sermon are what you can expect.

For more info go here.

Looking for a Senior Minister...

We're looking for a senior minister that will be a part of a team and has a desire to reach and lead.  We have done a lot of the preparation and now is the time! If you want to apply click the link to fill out an application and get information on where to send the resume, cover letter and links to your sermons. Are you ready? We are! 

Vision - Mission - Core Values


Our Mission:  Through Jesus be a place of healing for yesterday, help for today and hope for tomorrow.

Our Core Values: Biblical authority, dependency on God, unconditional love for all people and passionate service.  

Come see us

If you are feeling like you are broken and without hope, regardless of your circumstances or your background you will be welcome at Berean. One of our core values is unconditional love for all people.

You are not unlovable and we want you to be a part of Berean no matter how far or close to God you are. We invite you to be a part of a church that desires to be an UNBROKEN COMMUNITY.

Contact us here.