Serving List

You are so valuable to us and the Kingdom of God! It is the ministry teams that make Berean Christian Church function as a body. Remember in many respects you are the face of Berean to our community and it takes your efforts to help us realize our mission and vision. 

Couple ofthings to remember:

  1. Be a little early - that way you can be completely ready to go.  
  2. Be ready - coordinate with your team leader or the church office if you have a need or question.
  3. Be joyful! We serve a great King! You are Berean to visitors and each other. Exhibit a true and genuine cheerfulness!
  4. Be here. If you cannot make it when assigned, it is up to you to find a replacement or in case of an emergency contact your ministry team leader. 

We are together on a great adventure to reach our community for God and it really begins with you! Thanks for participating and ministering to others!    

Communion Meditation

August 30                  Scott Ward                                                                              November 1                      Lucas Olson

September 6            Emily Ward                                                                            November 8                      Jim Siefert

September 13          Mike Austin                                                                            November 15                   Jerod Tarrants

September 20          Ben Campos                                                                          November 22                  Russ Ward

September 27          Laura Duncan                                                                       November 29                  Scott Ward

October 4                   Paul Hines                                                                              December 6                     Craig Whistle

October 11                 Dan Mann                                                                               December 13                 Mike Austin

October 18                 Lee Marks                                                                                December 20                 Ben Campos

October 25                 Chris Naegele                                                                        December 27                 Laura Duncan

Worship Team

September 6         Laura Duncan                                                                               November 8                Eddy Howell

September 13       Mitchell Ward                                                                               November 15             Eddy Howell

September 20       Laura Duncan                                                                               November 22             Chris Naegele

September 27        Chris Naegele                                                                               November 29             Mitchell Ward

October 4                 Eddy Howell                                                                                 December 6                Laura Duncan

October 11               Eddy Howell                                                                                 December 13             Chris Naegele

October 18                Mitchell Ward                                                                             December 20             Mitchell Ward

October 25                Chris Naegele                                                                             December 27             Chris Naegele

November 1              Laura Duncan                                                                          


August 30             Jerod Tarrants                                                                                November 1                        Craig Whistle

September 6       Craig Whistle                                                                                   November  8                       Ben Campos

September 13     Ben Campos                                                                                    November 15                     Michael Duncan

September 20     Michael Duncan                                                                             November 22                     Don Hulick

September 27     Don Hulick                                                                                       November 29                     Nick Kresca

October 4              Nick Kresca                                                                                      December 6                       Dan Mann

October 11            Dan Mann                                                                                         December 13                     Lucas Olson

October 18            Lucas Olson                                                                                     December 20                     Jerod Tarrants

October 25            Jerod Tarrants                                                                                December 27                     Craig Whistle

Electronic Media Ministry

                                                                        Computer                     Sound Board                              Camera                            Backup

September 6

September 13

September 20

September 27

October 4

October 11

October 18

October 25

November 1

November 8

November 15

November 22

November 29

      Emily Ward                      Mitchell Ward                            Lee Marks                        Matt Grode

      Lizzy Lemond                 Matt Grode                                  Scott Ward                     Mitchell Ward

      Emily Ward                      Lee Marks                                    Lizzy Lemond                Matt Grode

      Scott Ward                       Mitchell Ward                            Lee Marks                        Emily Ward

      Lizzy Lemond                 Matt Grode                                  Scott Ward                      Mitchell Ward

      Mitchell Ward                 Lee Marks                                    Emily Ward                     Lizzy Lemond

      Matt Grode                       Scott Ward                                  Mitchell Ward                 Lee Marks

      Emily Ward                       Lizzy Lemond                            Matt Grode                      Scott Ward

      Mitchell Ward                  Lee Marks                                    Emily Ward                      Lizzy Lemond

      Matt Grode                       Scott Ward                                   Mitchell Ward                 Lee Marks

      Scott Ward                       Mitchell Ward                              Lee Marks                         Emily Ward

      Lizzy Lemond               Matt Grode                                   Scott Ward                        Mitchell Ward

      Lizzy Lemond               Emily Ward                                   Lee Marks                         Matt Grode


Week of September 14-20     Lucas Olson & Jerod Tarrants

Week of September 21-27     Craig Whistle & Don Hulick

Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 4           Mike Austin & Nick Kresca

Week of October 5-11              Michael Duncan & Chris Naegele

Week of October 12-18            Lee Marks & Ben Campos

Week of October 19-25            Lucas Olson & Jerod Tarrants

Week of October 26-31            Craig Whistle & Don Hulick