Serving List

You are so valuable to us and the Kingdom of God! It is the ministry teams that make Berean Christian Church function as a body. Remember in many respects you are the face of Berean to our community and it takes your efforts to help us realize our mission and vision. 

Couple things to remember:

  1. Be a little early - that way you can be completely ready to go.  
  2. Be ready - coordinate with your team leader or the church office if you have a need or question.
  3. Be joyful! We serve a great King! You are Berean to visitors and each other. Exhibit a true and genuine cheerfulness!
  4. Be here. If you cannot make it when assigned, it is up to you to find a replacement or in case of an emergency contact your ministry team leader. 

We are together on a great adventure to reach our community for God and it really begins with you! Thanks for participating and ministering to others!    

Communion Meditation

July 5                 Mitchell Ward                                                                                   August 23                        Russ Ward

July 12               Jason Frederick                                                                              August 30                        Scott Ward

July 19               Lee Marks                                                                                          September 6                  Craig Whistle

July 26               Chris Naegele                                                                                   September 13               Mike Austin

August 2            Lucas Olson                                                                                      September 20               Ben Campos

August 9            Jim Siefert                                                                                         September 27               Laura Duncan

August 16          Jerod Tarrants                                                                                

Worship Team

July 5                    Eddy Howell                                                                                  August 9                          Eddy Howell

July 12                 Don Frost                                                                                        August 16                        Eddy Howell

July 19                 Mitchell Ward                                                                                August 23                        Don Frost

July 26                 Chris Naegele                                                                                August 30                        Mitchell Ward

August 2              Laura Duncan                                                                                


July 12                  Craig Whistle                                                                                   August 23                        Lucas Olson

July 19                  Ben Campos                                                                                    August 30                        Jerod Tarrants

July 26                  Michael Duncan                                                                             September 6                  Craig Whistle

August 2               Don Hulick                                                                                       September 13                Ben Campos

August 9                Nick Kresca                                                                                     September 20                Michael Duncan

August 16              Dan Mann                                                                                        September 27                Don Hulick

Electronic Media Ministry