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We would love to see you each week at Berean! However, if you miss a week, would like to go more in depth or want to hear a sermon again feel free to click the link. 


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Stop Praying About Problems

Sermons At Berean 

 Here you can find sermon series or  stand alone. Enjoy! You can also watch prior sermons here or visit us in person!  Services start at 9:00AM and 10:30AM.  We hope you will join us so you can be a part of an Unbroken Community in Murphysboro. For more information on Berean click the button below. 

Philippians - Parting Advice 
Easter - Why are there so many rules? 
With Great Knowledge...
How to Find Peace
Philippians: When Life is Out of Control 
Philippians: A Book of Challenge 
Reach Ahead - The next generation
Reach All - Evangelism today at Berean
A Christmas Story  - The Final Chapter
A Christmas Story - Part Deux 
A Christmas Story  - The Beginning
Using Your Gifts - Prayer
Using Your Gifts - People
Using Your Gifts - Spiritual
Using Your Gifts - Money
The 3 M's of Life - MeaninglessX3
God of the Election Year 2
God of the Election Year 1 
Big Hairy Audacious Goals
Seeking Forgiveness
Forgiving Others
Digging  Your Well - Russ Ward
Can I Get a Witness 2- Jason Frederick
Can I Get A Witness 1 - Jason Frederick
Can You Trust the Bible? - Jason Frederick
How to Read the Bible - Jason Frederick 

Individual Sermons/ One and Done

We Are Family - One Church
Why We Meet - Better Together

Dangerous Prayer Series

Dangerous Prayer - Confidence
Dangerous Prayer - Search Me
Dangerous Prayers - Anorexic Prayers
Dangerous Prayer - Class Clown 

Anxiety - A Port in the Storm Series

A Port in a Storm - Money Anxiety
A Port in the Storm - Work Anxiety
A Port in the Storm- Anxiety
A Port In A Storm - Family Anxiety


Core Values - Biblical Authority 
Welcoming Jason-Q&A You Can't Miss
Unbroken -Hope for Tomorrow
Core Values -Passionate Service
Unbroken - Help for Today
Unbroken - Healing for Yesterday
An Unbroken Community  Mission
An Unbroken Church - Dr. Gary Johnson

Previous Weeks

Special Mother's Day Sermon and Video
Easter Sermon - Doubters Welcome
Where Will You End Up?
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Setting Priorities - What's Important?
Hear - The Shema
Preparing Us for Service
2020 Vision
The Reality of Crucifixion
Can you Hear the Angels?
Christmas Who Needs It? 
Do You Trust God - Mary & Joseph
Jesus - Manger to I AM
The Tragedy of Judas
The Magi Visit the King
Know Your Identity
By Faith - Meaning
Pat Sullivan - Sermon in Song 
Its a Process - 123 Action
Its a Process 123 Observation
It is a Process - 123
The Servant Leader
Back to the Basics - John 3:16 
The Hope We Have - Mitch Ward